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Refund Policy

Refund policy for Brownhills Cars Ltd : Where payment for the provision of private hire  Services have been made in advance, our refund policy is as follows:-

Advance payment for Brownhills Cars Bookings will be covered by our refund policy, if the payee decides not to go ahead with the booking , they will be refunded in full.  However, we do require a minimum of 1 hours notice prior to its time of dispatch to cancel a booking, to do this call 01543 378787 or.  If a booking is cancelled for any reason without 1 hours notice; we reserve the right to charge for our costs involved and if the driver arrives at the pickup location we reserve the right to charge 100 percent of the booking total. Our Minimum Cancellation charge when a booking has been dispatched is £4.50

Refunds can be requested by emailing stating your confirmation number and/or the Date, Time and Pickup Address of the booking

Refunds are usually processed withing 5-7 Working Days.

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